Report Date: 07/03/2014

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Kwalk Blackcreek Bandit

Name:Kwalk Blackcreek Bandit
AKC #:HP425883/07 Breed/Variety:Beagle
Birth Date:02/25/2012 Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:Black White & Tan
Breeder(s):Albert Poche Sr.

Kwalk Blackcreek Bandit
Black White & Tan
Kraft Road Doctor
HP349532/02 06-11
Black Tan & White
FC Lil Cade
HP184871/02 01-08
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V596639
HP110552/02 03-06
Black White & Tan
FC Rightline Joe
HM975605/01 11-04
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V311354
River Valley Little Dolly
HP025504/08 11-04
Black Tan & White
Spring Creek Bailey
HP072290/02 03-06
Black & Tan
Flat Lands Diamond Kid
HM898601/04 08-01
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V225449
Merry Oaks Beverly Hills
HM914423/03 04-03
Black White & Tan
Pete's Meet Blaze
HP253026/01 11-09
Black White & Tan
Pete's Meet Mr Blue Sam
HP030449/01 07-07
Black Tan & Bluetick
AKC DNA #V523851
FC Steve's Bayou Blue Sam Sam
HM788262/02 04-01
Blue Tan & White Ticked
AKC DNA #V180497
Clear Creek Pretty Girl
HM528983/04 03-96
Black Tan & White
Pete's Joy
HP162545/03 07-07
Black White & Tan
FC Browns La Jay Bird
HM797561/01 08-99
Black White & Tan
AKC DNA #V170866
Browns La Full House Silo
HM841447/04 09-03
Black White & Tan
Seltzer Creek Blue Mama
HP338258/04 06-12
Black Tan & Bluetick
Callihan's Rappin Rosco
HP189074/02 05-08
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V533018
FC Cotton Country Black Joker
HM794780/03 11-00
Black White & Tan
AKC DNA #V182722
Cotton Country Black Ace
HM346170/02 05-93
Black White & Tan
Cotton Country Daisy
HM547173/16 11-96
Black Tan & White
Bayou Mallet Peewee
HM976138/01 09-03
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V321240
Cajun Run Black Max
HM857085/03 06-01
Black White & Tan
AKC DNA #V289923
Hale's Bosco Bell
HM425939/02 10-95
Black White & Tan
Callihan's Rappin Blue Mist
HP239422/14 11-08
Black Tan & Bluetick
FC Calliahn's Rappin Blue Boy
HM788262/01 10-99
Black Tan & Bluetick Ticked
AKC DNA #V329621
Green Country Copper
HM402746/03 12-93
Brown White & Tan
AKC DNA #V155522
Callihan's Rappin Misty Blue
HM708676/08 12-98
Black Tan & Bluetick
Bridges' Sweet Talking Sugar
HP043790/05 12-04
Black White & Tan
Clear Run Slocum
HM901869/03 09-02
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V305268
Chief's On-Line Lady Bug
HM827478/01 03-01
Black White & Tan

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